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Butters & Pastes
Our love affair with fruit pastes started when our neighbor farmer threw a few quince in with our apple order.  The quince aroma got us cooking and researching, soon discovering the centuries old European fruit paste tradition. 
Pair our fruit pastes with a variety of cheeses to create a memorable cheese board. --SideHill Farm


Quince Paste

Quince, a relative of pears and apples, was brought to New England with the colonists.  Possible the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden, it will surely tempt you with its exotic aroma and sweet tart flavor.  Quince, also known as 'membrillo', has been paired with sheep cheeses in Spain, France and Italy for centuries.  We also love it with blue cheddar and gouda cheeses.  Invert it out of the jar for slicing on your cheese board, or serve it straight from the jar-either way it is irresistable!


Plum Paste

Our Plum Paste gets it intense plum color and flavor from ripe Damson Plums.  We cook them down till they are thick enough to turn out of the jar for slicing on your cheese board.  The color will complement any cheese board, and the flavor pairs well with blue, cheddar, and fresh goat and sheep cheeses.


Pear Paste

The delicate flavor and aroma of this fruit paste pairs well with blue cheese, farmhouse cheddars and brie.

Homemade Apple Butter

No sugar is added to this Apple Butter, and our ingredient list couldn't be simplier, just apples, apples and more apples and some Vermont apple cider to help cook things down.  Kelt estimates we have about 5 apples worth of apple flavor in each jar, so if you haven't had our apple butter before, you haven't had the real thing before.  A traditional topping, cooked all day in the time-honored way.  Apple butter makes a terrific ingredient in cooking, as well, check out our recipe section for ideas, or use as a replacement for some of the butter in your baking for lower fat treats.



Homemade Apple Butter with Honey & Spice

A new approach to a Vermont favorite-apples, cider, Vermont honey, and light apple pie spicing hand stirred and cooked all day in the time-honored way.

Homemade Quince Butter

Quince, a relative of apples and thought to be the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden, will surely tempt you with its exotic aroma and sweet tart flavor.  And like Dorothy, we didn't have to look beyond our backyard to find this 'new'  taste sensation-colonists brought Quince from England in 1629 and it still grows in old orchards all around us.   Our Quince Butter will amaze your tastes buds, proving that everyting old is new again.  Spread some on toast, close your eyes, click your heels together, and relive the flavor that people have enjoyed since ancient times.



Homemade Maple Pumpkin Butter

We cook and handstir our pumpkin butter until it's smooth and buttery, and then add the classic flavor of Vermont - pure Vermont Maple sugar.Try this 'taste' of fall on toast, stir into yogurt or mix with cream cheese to make a delicious Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake dip.