Jams & Marmalades & Jelly

Mears Vermont Products always ensures quality authentic Vermont recipes, with great flavors.
Sidehill Farm provides us with an amazing array of Jams & Marmalades. Let us provide you with the same great taste.

At Sidehill Farm we take pride in preserving the taste of homemade jam using the same methods our great grandmothers used. We combine the finest fruits with pure cane sugar, and boil them down the old fashioned way, without added pectin, preservatives or artificial ingredients to assure there is more fruit, and more flavor, in every bite. The rest of the world is coming back around to the idea of "slow foods", but at Sidehill Farm there has never been any other way to do it.

Sidehill Farm's gourmet jams, preserves and pure Vermont maple toppings make a fabulous gift from Vermont.



Red Raspberry Homemade Jam

If summer has a flavor, you can taste it in our deep and rich Red Raspberry Jam. We treat our raspberries right, no pectin, no preservatives, just sweetened with sugar and boiled down the old-fashioned way. We love it so much we used it to fill our wedding cake, and now use it whenever we want our everyday baking to taste like a special occasion.

Wild Blueberry Homemade Jam

There’s no secret about what makes this jam so delicious: the extra special flavor that only comes from the finest hand-raked Wild Blueberries we can find. Nothing compares with these tiny blue gems when it comes to making jam.



Apricot Orange Homemade Marmalade

We’ve created many new marmalade lovers with our Apricot Orange Marmalade. A new take on the classic marmalade-sweet apricots are paired with tangy orange peel and pure cane sugar for a breakfast treat that is a bit less sweet.

American Cherry Homemade Jam

We balance the flavors sweet and tart cherries for this delectable cherry jam. Use this mouth watering combination to wake up your morning toast.



Strawberry Rhubarb Homemade Jam

This Jam has converted many a person who thought they didn’t like Rhubarb! A great old-fashioned jam combination that has many new fans.

Cinnamon Pear Homemade Jam

If “cozy” has a flavor it is our Cinnamon Pear Jam, bursting with chunks of sun-ripened pears and a hint of cinnamon. Try this ultimate comfort food on your morning toast or English Muffins for a sweet and mellow start to your day.



Hot Red Pepper Homemade Jam

This beautiful jam tastes as good as it looks! Our secret combination of sweet red peppers and hot chili peppers, including the hot habanero, creates the perfect marriage of sweet and hot. Use our Hot Pepper Jam anywhere you'd use hot pepper jelly or jalapeno jelly, and notice the difference the flavor of jam will add to you recipe. Spark up your sandwich or mix with cream cheese for a quick and easy dip that will impress your guests.

Strawberry Homemade Jam

Strawberry Jam is one of the classic jam flavors that everyone loves, and we make it the classic way. You’ll find this jam bursting with just-picked flavor and chunks of strawberries, just like homemade jam should be.



Blackberry Homemade Jam

Nothing but the deep rich flavor of Blackberries and sugar for a delicious summer taste any time of year.

Raspberry Peach Homemade Jam

My great grandmother called this "Peach Melba" jam but whatever the name, Raspberries and Peaches belong together. The mellow flavor of peaches and the tart flavor of raspberries make for a complex jam flavor that stands the test of time.



Mango Habanero Homemade Jam

Warning: This tropical flavored sweet-hot jam is habit forming! Your first taste of this jam is the sweet mango, followed by the flavor kick of the habanero pepper.  Wake up your morning toast, use as a glaze on chicken, a sandwich spread, or mix with cream cheese to make a signature pretzel dip.

Apricot Homemade Jam

A glorious and simple jam, just delicious sun-ripened apricots boiled down with pure cane sugar. This jam is loaded with flavor in every bite. Try adding our homemade jam flavor to your favorite baking recipe.



Gingered Rhubarb Homemade Jam

This unconventional jam is made with tart Rhubarb sweetened with sugar and deliciously spiced with fresh ginger.

Strawberry Mango Homemade Jam

If you are looking for a tropical twist on the traditional strawberry jam, you will love our Strawberry Mango jam. We scour the market searching for the sweetest, most flavorful mangoes available and slow cook them with our Strawberries to make an old-fashioned style jam with a new-fashioned taste.



Strawberry Peach Homemade Jam

This jam is jam-packed with homemade jam taste and chunks of delectable fruit. Kids, and the young at heart, love this sweet jam on toast, or as a twist on the traditional PB+J.

Apricot Orange Homemade Marmalade

We’ve created many new marmalade lovers with our Apricot Orange Marmalade. A new take on the classic marmalade-sweet apricots are paired with tangy orange peel and pure cane sugar for a breakfast treat that is a bit less sweet.



Plain Plum Homemade Jam

We combine tart damson plums with sweet Italian plums for this amazing jam. Plain Plum Jam tastes lovely on toast, as a cookie filling, and makes a sensational pairing with blue cheese on your next cheese plate.

Cranberry Orange Homemade Marmalade

A traditional orange flavored marmalade with a twist of New England Cranberries, this marmalade is a less sweet alternative to traditional jams. Try this marmalade on your next turkey sandwich.



Spiced Peach Homemade Jam

When you spread our Peach Jam on your morning toast, you'll swear there is a fresh baked peach pie cooling on the table next to you. Jam packed with chunks of sun-ripened peaches, this delectable jam is lightly spiced with cinnamon, clove and allspice, then sweetened with sugar.

Four Berry Homemade Jam

Why choose just one when you can have it all?
Well, four berry flavors anyway.
Imagine four great berry flavors coming together to create one memorable jam.
Nothing but Strawberries, Red Raspberries, Wild Blueberries, Cranberries and pure cane sugar, boiled down the old fashioned way.