Pure Maple Candy
D&D Sugarwoods Farm offers a wide variety of Maple Candy in many shapes and forms for all occasions, we are sure that you will find something here that catches your eye and your sweet tooth. Our maple candy is hand made using 100% pure maple syrup, there are no additives or preservatives, there for  it has a shorter shelf life, Our candy has a guaranteed shelf life of 45 days. We use the lightest grade of syrup, known in Vermont as Fancy, for a sweet but not overpowering maple flavor.


The traditional maple leaf candy is offered in four ways for your selection. We have our 8oz box (24 pieces), 4oz box (12 pieces), small 4pc box and a bag with two leaves.


Along with the traditional maple leaves we've added letters spelling out Vermont (25 pieces total), a tribute to the state in which we live, and is one of the best maple producing states.


We've taken these small pine trees out of the forest and brought them to you in this 15 piece box.


To go with our small pine trees from the forest, we've added small bells to give it a little ring, 14 pieces.


We've added these hearts to our line to bring out the" hearty" flavor of maple (11 pieces), also available in a 2 piece bag.


Adding to our animal line up is our family of frogs, available in a 12 piece box, 4 piece box or a 2 piece bag.


We've taken our cute teddy bears and boxed them for the young at heart, 12 pieces in each box. Our cute little bears are also available in a 4 piece box and a 2 pack bag.


You don't need a hunting license to bag one of our moose, they've already been bagged, and boxed, for you.

1 1-2  box-small

This leaf is for the larger sweet tooth, and is a favorite for many. It is available in a box or a bag.


To keep in touch with the farming in Vermont we've added a little maple bull to our line. Our maple bull is available in a single small box, or a single bag.


For the fisherman we've swept the sea's and found this maple Lobster .


This Rabbit won't bounce away.