There's nothing like a good mustard with leftovers. Besides slathering it on sandwiches, you might use our mustards to begin your own salad dressings. Made from traditional blends of whole grain Dijon country mustard and other natural ingredients for maximum flavor and minimum fat. 
Vermont Epicurean Smoky Habañero Mustard

Our unique mix of red and habañero pepper, garlic, onion, and apple cider vinegar adds a smoky southwest taste to this stone ground mustard. It makes a classic dip for tortillas and chips. We add a little to our favorite burrito fillings for great accent flavor.



Vermont Epicurean Roasted Garlic Mustard

A sophisticated blend of taste and texture. The taste of roasted garlic is this mustard is a perfect compliment for hearty dishes. Try it as a glaze on roast pork or stir a spoonful into beef gravy. You'll love it.

Vermont Epicurean Maple Horseradish Mustard

A subtle combination of real Vermont maple syrup for sweet and fresh horseradish for zest, this course mustard is a favorite on pastrami sandwiches and summer sausage. With a little sour cream, it makes a great veggie dip as well.



Vermont Epicurean Maple Country Mustard

Our best seller. Made with a course stone ground seed and just the right amount of real Vermont maple syrup, this robust and sweet country mustard brings out all the most delicious flavors in your sandwiches and cold meats. It goes great with hearty brown breads and dipping pretzels.

Gormly's Roasted Garlic Mustard

Garlic lovers take note!  Fresh roasted garlic makes this bold dijon mustard a wonderful addition to any meal. Great as dipping mustard or on sandwiches. Add to oil and vinegar for a wonderful salad dressing.



Gormly's Raspberry Honey Mustard

Our best selling Gormly's mustard. We combine just the right amount of raspberries and honey with our bold dijon base for thick bold mustard you won't forget. It's a hands-down favorite on a turkey sandwich, and makes a perfect glaze on pork tenderloin.

Gormly's Maple Horseradish Mustard

Put a little kick in your mustard. Ours is made with real Vermont Maple syrup and fresh horseradish. It is just the right addition to pastrami, roast beef or corned beef. Use alone or blend in dips for a zesty addition.